Thursday, September 15, 2005

RSS feeds and tubes

It’s funny sometimes to watch the number of people who use feedburner to see my blog. About once a week, I get a third person who is using Firefox and its live bookmarks. You can just about count on it late in the week that the number jumps to 3 and then after a day or so, goes back down to two. And how sad is it that I only have 2. It’s not really, it’s just fun to watch and fun to just write these entries.
Tube update.
The twins had their checkup on their ear tubes the other day. Zach is doing good and won’t have to go back for any checkups as his well baby checkups with the pediatrician will take care of that. Gabe’s tubes were blocked with some fluid and some dried blood. The specialist was able to probe one of the tubes back open, but the other one he couldn’t. We have to administrator drops twice a day along with Hydrogen Peroxide with water once a day before the drops. Gabe will have to go back in 2 weeks to check back. Worse case is he has to have the tube surgery again. We hope that he doesn’t have to go through that again.