Thursday, December 01, 2005

Failing Man 101

Well, I guess I failed Man 101 the other night. I was working on putting up our Christmas lights on the house when I went to grab my roll of duct tape and realized I don’t own any. How could I not own duct tape. I did find some electrical tape and that is working on a temporary basis. I will have to re-tape a couple of places once I get some.
This is our first place we have owned so I never felt comfortable putting up a lot of outside lights before this year so I never ran into this issue before. I also don’t own a ladder of any type so I was wondering how I would put up some icicle lights. I found a device at Lowe’s which contains a pole and come clips for the gutter. The clip screws onto the end of the pole and then the lights connect to the clip and then you reach the clip up to the gutter and slide the clip down onto the gutter and then unscrew the pole from the clip. Works pretty good. I tried to find it on the Lowe’s website, but couldn’t. Works pretty good.
I ended up putting 2 strands of icicle lights and a row of candy canes in front. I had a strand of lights for the window but they were not long enough so I may have to come back and put those in later. I did make arrangements to be able to add them later with no problems.