Monday, June 26, 2006 convention

Ok. I am going to have to quit going so long without posting. I meant to post some last week while I was at the convention in Indianapolis, but with all of the classes, general sessions and the great fellowship which keep us up sometimes until 1 or 2 in the morning, I just didn’t get around to it.
It was great to finally put faces to names and avatars of people whom you have talked with, helped and received help from over the last four or five years. It’s amazing to see how well a worship service can go when people who have sold out to Jesus come together and just want to worship. Our band and audio crew came into a hotel conference room and transformed it into one of the best sounds worship centers I have ever heard.
Men and women with the desire to just spread the Word of Jesus just coming together, learning from one another and enjoying the fellowship. It was great. One guy told me as we were leaving, see you later, or see you in Heaven. How great is that knowing I will see him again, one way or another.
It’s also great to see the people who have come into their own by Tim Eason’s ministry. My buddy here in Central Ky, Paul Clifford who has started his own church media podcast, Tech, No Babble. Paul started about a year ago and is a really good speaker and teacher. His keynote at the conference was nothing short of amazing.
Phil Graves with Out of the Mud is one that talks about his growth in graphic design just because of CMN. Phil told us how he used the Media Exchange Center, or MXC to get ideas and grow his talents. Phil has some pretty amazing stuff and is getting ready to start doing some training session as part of his ministry.
Tony Kanago is another one. Tony doesn’t have his own ministry yet, but look for him to in the future. I think his parents want him to finish high school and maybe college first. You see, Tony is only 16, but was teaching a web design class at the conference and is helping me with a website for myself which I hope to announce here in the next week or so. To listen to Tony, you can tell he is just a teenager, but his passion and desire for churches to have the best design is just amazing. Paul and I were saying if we knew just half as much as he does when we were his age. He just tore down his site the other night and hasn’t finished it yet so keep on the lookout for good things to come.
I already can’t wait until next year’s convention