Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dinner with Tony Dye and crew

Ok. I have got to stop doing this. Going so long without posting, but its fall and fall is crazy around here.
Anyway, although I am missing the “Official” IT Roundtable up at Granger put on by Jason Powell, I did have my own smaller round table. I met up with the bunch from Perimeter Church led by Tony Dye. Tony, John Dolan and Whitney Cantrell stopped in Lexington on the way up and I met them for dinner. It was good to sit for an hour or so to just chat. What works? What doesn’t? What’s it like to be volunteer.
It’s been good, at least for me anyway, to get to meet some other IT folks who are using their God given talents for the Kingdom of God. Hopefully, next year, I can make the IT roundtable. It helped me to make contacts. John has his own consultant business and is someone I can now come to with questions.
When you sit down and think about it, the internet, blogging and podcasting has really made this world smaller. Our Sr. Pastor told us about a lady whose husband was involved in Comair crash 5191. She told him how he was her family’s pastor and that they came to service when they could. They lived a county or two away and watched our TV broadcast, downloaded our podcast and our curriculum off of the web to study.
God makes all things to help build his Kingdom and I love being a part of it.