Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bad air compressors, family vacations and letting the cat ouf of the bag

Weird title huh. Well that describes the last 24 hours around here. We are getting ready to head out for a family vacation today and yesterday we find out that the air compressor in the van has died so we are going to rent a van to take and worry about fixing ours when we get back. It was a crazy day yesterday trying to find what we wanted to rent as we thought about getting something big enough that my parents could ride in also. We had one all ready to go but when I went to look at it, there was like no room for our stuff. So scratch that. Anyway, we are back to taking a total of three vehicles but are good to go.
This morning for breakfast, I needed to go get some milk so when I get back and we are eating, Zach says, "Daddy, I just finished your card and I colored in it" :) Misty just lowers her head and starts laughing. Just way to funny. Anyway, I am taking the laptop so I may post from our vacation. If not, Have a good week. :)