Monday, August 29, 2005

Super Sunday

What a Sunday. Six church services at five churches and only left my house for a couple of hours.  Ok, I didn’t really attend that many churches, but I did attend one and it wasn’t mine. I went to Southland Saturday night as my brother and his wife wanted to go and Misty had the night off. After going to dinner with them after church we got the twins to bed at 9:45 which is very late for them. So, I decided to stay home Sunday morning to let them rest as much as they could and not have to be drug back out.
I started by watching the service from Bethel Harvest here in Nicholasville. Technically they are located between Nicholasville and Lexington, but I think they are in the city limits of Nicholasville. After their service went off, I found Prestonwood Baptist in Plano, Texas just outside of Dallas, where Kevin used to be on staff. Prestonwood was part of the America at Worship program. After Prestonwood was Marble Collegiate Church in New York.
By this time the twins were waking up and after going upstairs to get them, I turned to the Southland Hour. We broadcast a week behind which was good for me as I missed all of last week to take the boys down to my parents house to give Misty a weekend break. I finished my morning marathon by watching my friends church in Lexington, Immanuel Baptist Church.
It was a good morning although I didn’t really get to see all of the broadcast due to watching the twins more of the morning. They didn’t get a good nap in so I was putting them to bed while Bethel was finishing and they were up before Southland came on but that’s another story. It’s interesting though to see how each church does things differently but still get across the same message. I wish I had gotten to see more, especially Marble Collegiate as it seemed their pastor was a really good speaker and teacher.
Now that’s five services from five churches. My friend who attends Immanuel was ordained as a deacon there Sunday evening so Misty and I attended his ordination service followed by a small fellowship time. It was good to see his family again. We practically grew up in each other’s home so our families are great friends with each other.