Thursday, November 24, 2005


Happy New Year :) Hope your 2007 is a great one.

Misty and I stayed up and watched the ball drop. Colby stayed up also and we played Yahtzee twice. Colby beat us both times. Prety lucky for a four year old. Not only did he beat us, the first game his total was just a 100 points less than mine and Misty's total. Gee Wiz. Anyway, we was more than happy to play again today :)

A couple of thing for 2007 for me, get back to losing weight and getting off the ground. I need to come up with ways of getting my name out there so I can get some clients.

Anyway 2006 was a good year. Colby turned 4 and the twins turned 2. The twins are professional two-year-olds by the way. Especially Gabe:) I took Colby to his first baseball game. Celebrated my 8th year of being married to Misty. Changed jobs at work which gave me some "mangement" duties. Met a couple of fellow bloggers, Jim Walton and Tony Dye.

Not all was good though. The team I was on at work at the start of the year lost our team lead after a handgun accident. That was a hard week for us and we still miss Mitch. My best friend's dad passed away after battling an illness for a while.

Well, here's to a great 2007 and plenty of Bowl Games this week :)