Thursday, November 10, 2005

Family Watchdog

After having kids, there are some things I think about that I never thought of before. Unfortunately, sex offender registries are one of those things. There is a new website out that compiles all of the data from the state’s data and uses Google Maps to create a map of offenders in your area. All you do is enter your address and it will do the rest. It’s called Family Watchdog. The mapping service is free, but for $18/year, you can have them email you when an offender moves into your area.

I hate thinking of stuff like this, but Misty worked in social services for a couple of years and I have heard general stories on how kids are treated and I can’t even think how bad some of these are. Misty checks the list in our area every so often so I can see us signing up in the future for the email notification..