Thursday, March 30, 2006

Playing catchup

I have some reading to catch up on. My men’s group started Wild at Heart a couple of weeks ago and I also purchased the Field Manual to go with it. It basically takes you back through each chapter and asks you questions about the chapter you just read. It will also take a movie and kind of compares it to the chapter and to Jesus. One movie is Braveheart. Pretty interesting concept. I was just looking back through the second chapter in the manual and thought, I have two more chapters in the book to read for tonight. Might want to put the manual down and read the book.
It’s a good book so far and I can see it will challenge me on a couple of fronts. I can’t wait to read chapters 3 and 4.

ps. Pray for me Friday at 11. Hopefully more to follow.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Past two weeks

What a rough couple of weeks. The past two weeks have been really tiring. We are getting over some sickness at the house. It seems like once someone gets over something, some one else gets something. In fact, I didn’t sleep well last night at all. I don’t know if it was dinner or if I am catching something. Misty was sick a little bit earlier this week. I hope I didn’t catch anything. So, that explains why I haven’t been posting a lot here lately. Just wore out from the last two weeks. Hopefully next week will be better. Misty and I are going with some friends to see the Southeast Easter Pageant on my birthday on Tuesday. Their Pageant is one of the best productions I have ever seen. We went about three years ago when Colby was just a newborn. We watched from the cry room as we didn’t get anybody to watch him for us and childcare was not available. This year, we have someone to watch the kids for us so we can watch from our seats.
Some facts and figures from the pageant

  1. One of the largest church productions in the nation

  2. One of the largest drama productions in the state of Kentucky

  3. Over 600,000 people have attended the production in the past ten years.

  4. 1,500 volunteers each year

  5. Rehearsals start in the beginning of November and do not cease until the end of the run.

  6. Two choirs participate, one backstage and one on stage.

  7. We have a large and diverse cast, including camels, horses, sheep, doves, goats, and donkeys!

  8. The stage set is 200 feet wide with rotating center platform with the sanctuary of Southeast transformed into a cityscape of long ago.

Pretty impressive. They are going to take a year off next year to revamp the whole thing from top to bottom so it should be even better in 2008.
Oh well til next week.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Highs and Lows

Talking about a week of peaks and valleys. This was supposed to be a great week for me. Yesterday was my 8th wedding anniversary. I was supposed to talk about how great the last 8 to 10 years have been. How my life was changed for the best when I met Misty during a really tough time in my life. But Monday was a morning I want to forget and just get this week over with.
My second line manager come by early Monday morning and told our team that our team lead had passed away over the weekend in some kind of accident. Just out of the blue, bang. Your week has gone to pot. Our team can’t get focused and we really don’t want to do anything. We just can’t get focused on work. We just keep thinking about his family. He has two kids who are home schooled. In fact, it has taken me about two hours to write this. The IT department here is taking up a collection for his kids and their education.
Maybe I can think straight next week.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Twincidence? What is it? Check it out with my latest Dadblogger entry.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well, we are finally over some sickness we have had in the family. This past weekend was pretty much a blur as we had stomach bugs running around. So, we are still recovering from lack of sleep. I guess one of the good things about attending a large church is the service times. I was able to attend church on Saturday evening while Misty went on Sunday. I stayed home with the twins Sunday, getting up at 5 with Gabe who was the last to get sick. He got sick on us Friday evening in the middle of K-Mart. We were worried about Zach getting sick again on us while we were out and Gabe showed no signs of being sick. I guess he let us know otherwise.
I really have no point to this post right now other than to post which is probably not a good thing. But I felt like I needed to post something. I need to work on my next post for Dadbloggers.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Church IT

Well, I hadn’t posted anything on this since August and with things going the way the currently are, I figured I would go ahead and post something. For the last couple of months, I feel as if God has been moving me in a direction to work in IT for a church. Well, currently, I am somewhat in the running for three different IT jobs at two different churches. Two of the jobs are at Southland where I am currently a member. I will just say for now that the other one is not. Sometimes I just wish things would go ahead and happen, but I know all things work in God’s time.
At the same time, Misty has felt led to start a support ministry to mother’s of multiples at Southland. She is just in the stage to see if any other mothers want it and so far she has had some positive results. The only real reason for this post I guess is for me to say something. I am just sitting and waiting and feel at times, going crazy. I just need to pray for clarity as I feel that God wants me to do something and I just can’t figure it out right now.  Anyway, I guess that’s enough rambling for now.