Saturday, December 30, 2006

I almost feel like Britney?

Yea, I did it again :( Haloscan finally created a way to install their comment software into the new version of Blogger and I ran it and of course it wipped out the old comment Jim made on my Bye Bye CW post. Oh well, live and learn :)


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bye bye, CW

Well the end has come for the Morse Code requirement for Amateur Radio. I have held my Tech ticket for almost 10 years now always wanting to pass my Morse Code, or CW as it is known by in ham radio, but never been able to study long enough to learn it. The FCC just released information that CW will no longer be a requirement for amateur radio and will probably take effect in February. So now I just have to wait until then and take a test to advance up the next level which is general class.

I still have all of the study material so I hope to come back later and learn it and try to use it, but don't know if I will get to or not. I guess time will tell.


ps Yea, I know, two post in less than 24 hours :)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Time to vent

Ok. I just have to vent some more. I went to a church's website and seen a sermon that I would like to listen to. My choices are to listen online, which is something I can't do at work or pay for a mp3 file. I guess I just don't understand why pay for the mp3 file. This church doesn't podcast which I don't understand either. The church can do it. Trust me. In fact, they offer a podcast tease. I can understand charing me if I get a cd or tape. You do have to pay for the media and materials.

I guess to me, this is almost like charging admission to get into church. I feel like with technology the way it is, podcasting is a way to reach the lost and shutins. You offer them a way to listen without making them come to you and force them to stay. Anyway, that's my vent for now.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

First snow

We got our first snow of the year this morning. It wasn't much, but it was snow. Misty said she was in our bedroom while the boys were watching tv in their playroom. She noticed that she didn't hear much and went in to check on them and Zach and Gabe were staring out the window watching it fall.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Birthday boys

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The twins had their second birthday on Sunday. We had a "Cars" party at McDonalds Sunday evening. There were about 11 kids there of all ages. It was fun. The boys are all growing up so fast. It's hard to imagine that they are 2 and Colby is 4 already. Where does the time go. Anyway, Happy Birthday boys. I love you.