Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Zoo trip

I have taken a couple of days off of work and we took the boys to the Cincinnati Zoo today. We got up early in the morning and headed north for the 2 hour drive and arrived at the zoo around 9, right when the opened. Getting there early, we were able to get a parking spot right at the main entrance. It’s been a long day by the way. We spent six hours in there seeing just about everything they had. We took Colby when he wasn’t even a year old so we didn’t remember going so he’s been real excited about going. We couldn’t decide at times what he wanted to see next. I will post more in detail along with pictures later as I forgot to pack the cable for the camera. After getting to our hotel room and resting we found some dinner and came back to go swimming. Now, Colby before the twins were born went swimming one time and about a year ago wouldn’t even go near a pool. This last year has been a real growing experience for him. He has done so much in the last couple of months that he wouldn’t even consider before. He rode on the train they have at the zoo and going swimming for example. Anyway, time to hit the hay as we have another big day planned for tomorrow at Totter’s Otterville.

Thursday, May 25, 2006 Convnetion

I know I don’t have a huge audience here so I am asking if you read this and are a blogger to post this on your blog to help get the word out. I am teaching at the 2nd Convention to be held June 20-22 in Indianapolis at the Adam’s Mark Hotel. You can see the schedule and registration information here.
I will be teaching along with two other bloggers on blogging on the hows and whys. There will be classes on video production, projectors, podcasting, audio and team building. The guys from Midnight Oil will also be there.
It’s well worth the time and money so if you get a chance, post it and go sign up to come.

Monday, May 22, 2006

First game

I took Colby to his first baseball game Sunday afternoon. It didn’t go as good as I had hoped but it was fun. The facilitator of my men’s group give me two tickets of his along with a parking pass to the Astros Class A club here in Lexington, the Lexington Legends. We got there in the middle of the first inning and got our food. Colby wanted a hotdog and a big pretzel. We each got a hotdog and fries to start and we found our seats which were four rows behind home plate. Thanks Jon. Before going inside though, I had put some sun screen on Colby to keep him from getting burned. Well, I put too much on and as he was eating, he kept rubbing his eyes. I noticed his eye was getting a little red and after he finished eating, we went to see if we could get the sun screen out of his eye. I took him to the restroom and tried, but didn’t do any good. So, off to the first aid station we go. They took some gauze and soaked it in saline and I held it on his eye for a couple of minutes and that helped a bunch. He was a trooper. He didn’t cry or complain any at all. I told him several times that I was sorry for putting to much sun screen on him and he kept telling me it was ok.
After that we started back to our seats when we ran into “Big L” the mascot of the Legends. Colby still doesn’t like to be around characters dressed up like that so we stayed away until Big L left. Colby then wanted his pretzel so we shared one and ate it before going back to our seats. After the pretzel was gone, Colby informed me he was ready to go home. It was the fourth inning but he wanted to go so we went back to our seats first and had someone take our picture together standing behind home plate.
I took him into the souvenir shop first where he looked around and held up a ball and mini bat. I asked him which one he wanted and he said he wanted the ball and the ball.
By the time we had left, it was the end of the fifth inning and the Legends were not doing so good, so that was ok with me. Colby told me that he only left because of his eye and that he would have stayed if it hadn’t got sun screen in his eye. I told him that next time we would come to a night game so he wouldn’t have to have sun screen and I can’t wait. Now I wonder if I can talk Jon out of some of those tickets ;)


Monday, May 15, 2006

Hand in the cookie jar

Well you hear about it, but it’s never as funny until it happens in your home. Colby got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Well, at least in the cookie plate. We had fixed some chocolate chip cookies over the weekend for Mother’s Day. We celebrated on Saturday since it’s a lot easier for us to do things with the family on Saturday instead of Sunday. Well this evening, Gabe had took a fold up chair for kids off of the steps and brought it into the living room.
Well, Colby had taken it into the kitchen without us noticing. When Misty went to go upstairs to put the twins in bed, she looked into the kitchen and seen Colby just eating cookies. She had asked him how many he had and he didn’t know.
It’s one of those moments where you just have to turn your head and laugh and hope he doesn’t see you. I talked to him some about it but what can you say. It was funny, but like I said, you just don’t think about how funny it is until it happens in your house.

Also, if you want to read about what Colby picked out as gifts for his teachers, go to and find out.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ok. I am not as sore as I was on Sunday. The boys were out of town over the weekend so Misty and I took the time to paint. I mean paint as in the entire downstairs. It took us around 12 hours on Saturday and by the time we were finished, I could barely move. We went to bed just after midnight and woke up at 10, just in time to make it to church. My entire body was sore. It took around three gallons of paint to paint what we needed. We have to do some touchup work, but for the most part I am done painting. Misty wants to do the bedrooms upstairs. I think I will take the boys out next time for a weekend at my parents and her and her aunt can do the painting since they like it so much.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Slurpy noodles and dvds

It’s been a crazy week so posting has been on the back burner. Just a lot going on that hopefully I can post about later.

Well, I guess Colby knows how to fix spaghetti. Misty was at her small group last night when he came up to me and said he was really hungry and wanted slurpy noodles which is what he calls spaghetti. I was hoping to change his mind and told him that I couldn’t fix them as good as mom did. He then told me how to fix them.

  1. Make some water hot

  2. Put the slurpy noodles in the hot water

  3. When it beeps, they are done.

Now, how come I couldn’t figure that one out is beyond me. And he is really getting an attitude going now that he is well into being a three-year-old. He wanted to watch a dvd last night while waiting on his food so I put a Little Einstein video in for him. He told me which episode he wanted to watch and I pressed the wrong one. When it came on he said it was the right one and I went back to check on his dinner. Shortly after that I hear him smacking the couch so I went back in to see what was wrong and he says “Will you look at this?” pointing to the tv. “Can you see this?”  I told him he needed to tell me if it was the right one or wrong one and after a couple of more comments like the other ones, he finally told me it was the wrong one. So I found the right one and told him they all come on the same and you don’t know which one it is until it gets started. He said ok.

Don’t let anybody tell you it’s the terrible twos, it’s the terrible threes.