Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good bye UWR.

When I finally settled on a college to graduate from, and I jumped around a bit at first, I settled on Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. One of the requirements when I got there was the University Writing Requirement (UWR). Basically it was an essay you had to write on a certain subject to test your writing skill and supposedly, if you didn’t pass the test, you didn’t graduate.

Well over time, the university has determined that the requirement is not doing what it should be doing and has been eliminated. One thing about EKU is that it is known as a suitcase college. Students come into town on Sunday evening, go to their classes during the week and head home on Friday afternoon. Maybe during football season do the students hang around but other than that, the campus is almost a ghost town on the weekends. I was no exception so hanging around was not something I wanted to do. The test was always given on a Saturday morning so I had to stick around or at least come back to campus over a weekend.

When I looked at the date I had to take my test I noticed there was a Queensryche concert the night before so a friend of mine and I decided to go to the concert. We went and crashed in my dorm room that night and I got up the next morning and went and wrote this stinking essay. It was an easy essay but it took time out of my weekend. Not fun.

And now, they are eliminating it. I guess the university had good intentions when they started it, but I think they could have exempted some students. You know like English majors and journalism majors, which what I was. If you can’t write how can you pass those two anyway? But I guess my opinion didn’t matter anyway.

Good bye UWR. I can’t say that I will miss you.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who did you pray for this weekend?

Our pastor took a small break at the beginning of the service this weekend and ask us to take a minute and pray for the tragedy at Virginia Tech. they listed the names of those who lost their lives and ask us to pick one name and pray for that person and their family. I selected Daniel Patrick O'Neil, 22, of Lincoln, Rhode Island, first-year graduate student in environmental engineering.

I doubt if the family will ever read this but I just wanted them to know someone prayed for them this weekend.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Is Church IT Roundtable disconnected?

I was hoping this week to see some post from Jason, Ed or Tony on the Church IT Roundtable down in Texas but nobody seems to be posting on it. I was wondering if their network was down and if I needed to come down and fix it? ;)


Skype and your sound system

There was a thread last month at dealing with a church wanting to make a phone call and allow the church to hear the conversation. The user ended up using Skype to make the call. All he had to do was to patch the pc into the sound board. Many of us do that already. Just take the audio out of the pc and into the sound board, but with Skype you can also also take an aux out of the sound board and go into the mic jack on the pc. You will need to do some major adjusting to the gains and levels but that's no big issue.

With that and for churches doing Imag, will it be possible to find a way to run your video feed into Skype and use that instead of a webcam? For the received video, you can just drag the box over to your extended desktop and put that image up on your projector screens, but is there a way to feed video into the pc and Skype? Something to think about.

What other opportunities are there for Skype in the chruch world?


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Water pipes and email subscriptions

Ok so what happens when you have a couple of weeks of 80 degree weather when spring starts? You start doing stuff outside the house, you know, planting flowers and such. And to water them what do you do? You drag the water hose out to water them. Then what should you do if you have a record cold spell? Disconnect the hose. What didn't we do. You got it, disconnect the hose. Now we have a small leak. Part of the floor in the house is wet. It only leaks when the faucet is on so that is good. Have to look into it some more to see where exactly the leak is at. I can see it leaking up under the crawl space. But fun stuff. :(

Also, I hadn't posted this in a long time but thought I would do it again for any new readers. At least I hope I have a few new ones :) You can subscribe by either clicking any of the icons on the right side of the blog using your favorite reader of you can enter your email address in the form here and receive it by email. Have a great week. Time to start drying out the house

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Sunday, April 08, 2007


Hope everyone had a Great Easter. I just finished five services and Misty worked the three this morning so we are beat. Zach and Gabe are napping and Colby has been watching tv. I don't know a count yet, but pretty much every service had a nearly full house including the last two this morning were packed. Overflow seating was brought in. Anyway, time to get some rest before heading over to Misty's aunt and uncle's house for dinner and egg hunting. Just about to cold to be hunting eggs but the boys are waiting :)