Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wny I love my church

Herald-Leader photo Charles Bertram/Staff
We have attended Southland for a couple of years now and everyday I can always find something new I love about the church. I seen this picture in the local paper today along with a story that mentioned our church and about 50 of our staff going out while the families of Comair flight 5191 headed to the crash scene for the first time.

Fifty-two staff members from Southland Christian Church got out and stood alongside the six-lane stretch of road holding their signs. As the procession passed by, family members could be seen inside the busses dabbing their eyes.

Jon Weece, senior pastor for the city's largest congregation, said the staff sought to show their support.

"We just want this to stand for itself," Weece said.
Quote taken from the Lexington Herald-Leader.

52 people took time from their work and made it known to 49 families that we love them and we are there for them. Our mission statement is simple "Love God, Love People".

I love Southland.

Do the shuffle

Jason Powell posted about playing “Do the Shuffle” where you start your music player and set it to shuffle and then list the first 15 songs. So I thought I would post mine here as well as in his. Rules are simple, just list the song and you can’t be embarrassed about the song. If it comes up, you must list it.

Every Move I Make - David Ruis
Lose This Life- Tait
I Saw The Light- David Crowder Band
Who Am I- Casting Crowns
Open the Eyes of My Heart - Paul Baloche
Who's Your Daddy? – Toby Keith
Go Tell It On The Mountain - Ginny Owens feauting George Rowe
Blessed Be Your Name- Three63
Jesus To The World- Newsong
Mr. Brownstone- Guns N' Roses
Life in the Fast Lane- The Eagles
Love Came Just In Time - Taylor Sorensen/Alathea
Step up to the Microphone- Newsboys
Facts Are Facts - Steven Curtis Chapman
Wide Open- Newsong

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dinner time

Got to have dinner with Jim from this evening. He was in town for business so we met for pizza. It was good to met someone from the blogging world. It was good to just sit and fellowship and learn about someone who has faced the same things in life you had. Interesting to learn how much we have in common. The pizza was a bit spicier than Jim thought it would be. I told you Jim, it was spicy. :)


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Skype and free business cards

If you are a Skype user and need business cards, Skype has teamed up with Vistaprint to offer free business cards where you can put your Skype username on the card. I know Vistaprint offers free cards on a regular basis, but they are also offering Skype users a 25% discount on all other products. You can read more about it here.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Still Missing

Michelle Malkin blogged today about the two Fox Journalist that are still being held captive in the Gaza Strip and asked for people to blog about them still missing as a reminder to their families that they are still remembered. You can read her post here.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Thunderbird test

I'm setting up a new computer for my parents and testing RSS feeds in Thunderbird for them. Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Date Night

Ah Date Night. Misty and I were able to get out for a couple of hours last night by ourselves. It’s been a while as money has been a little tight and we have about a million things going right now. But we finally were able to get some time last night and were able to go to dinner and do some shopping for the boys for their preschool which starts next week.

We went to one of the mexican places in town and it was just relaxing to just sit and enjoy each other’s company. Even if it’s just dinner for 45 minutes, it’s better than nothing. We try to get every so often when we can but having three kids and finding someone to watch them can get crazy sometimes. We are lucky that Misty’s aunt and uncle live in the same town, so when they can, they will watch the boys for us.

After dinner, it was off to Walmart to pick up some items and the night before school starts is probably not the best time to go in that place. The back-to-school isles were packed. You couldn’t get your cart through there. The worse part is that they don’t really take into count the construction of the store and the support poles are right in front of the entrance to the isles. Looks like they could build the place where the poles would be built into the fixtures that way they are kept out of the isles. As Misty was paying, I have to slip over to the video games. Yes, I am a video game junkie and need to find my power supply to my playstation. I haven’t seen it since we moved and that’s been over a year now. Argghh. No Madden. No Metal Gear. Not good.

Anyway, after Walmart, we were like, ok, I guess we have to go get the boys. Then Misty said, well, we could have some ice cream first. So off to Brusters we go. It’s a new place here and was pretty good. Not as good as Cold Stone but not bad. It’s all hand dipped and they make their own waffle cones. After some chocolate oreo it was finally time to go get the boys. Couldn’t put it off anymore. Gabe had hurt himself earlier in the day so we needed to go see how he was. I will have to post on that later today. It was funny to see what it took for him to start putting weight back on his foot.  

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Soccer dad

I'm a soccer dad. Read about on my latest Dadbloggers post here


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Four years ago, my life changed for the better. Colby turned 4 today. We had a party for him over the weekend where just under 20 kids showed up. Mister Popularity I guess. I took a half day off of work today and we took him to his favorite pizza place for lunch and then after watching his new Larry Boy video, we went outside for a bit to practice with his new tee ball set. He is going to play soccer this year in an Upward league and man is he growing up fast. His first practice for soccer is later this month and they start playing in October. He did go to a birthday party tonight. Another girl at church has the same birthday as Colby so Misty took him this evening. So.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Looking for another podcast download option

Ok. Does anybody use anything other than Juice for podcast for a Windows machine? I know I can use iTunes but I don’t want to use it. At least for now anyway. I have missed a couple of podcast and Juice seems to have some issues with feeds from Feedburner. I have either missed or not been able to download the last couple of podcast from the Simply Strategic Show. The last one would never download and the latest one doesn’t show up yet. Another church here in town, well I just got two from them and nothing last week. I know that could be the church, but it’s just the latest thing that is bothering me about Juice.
Anyway, any suggestions?


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here I go

Ok, so it’s time. Almost a year ago I posted about looking in a new direction in my work life. I have felt like God is calling me into the IT field. With working in Southland’s IT for the last year or so, I really can see the need. At the end of 2005, during a meeting at church, it was announced that Southland was adding a staff position for a web communications person. I thought that was pretty cool and looked into it. Shortly after that, one of our IT people announced he was leaving. I thought this is it, but God has other plans. Needless to say I didn’t get it. I can’t argue with who got it because he is very talented and very good at the job. I enjoy working with him and the rest of the crew.
So, I guess it was time to go back and pray and ask God what He wants me to do. Anytime I prayed, one name kept coming to my mind so I finally decided to email Stuart Cowen and we have chatted back and forth several times since then. After sending that first email, I have had nothing but peace about doing so but drug my feet on getting things started.  I have been talking with Jim Walton along with Stuart about what they do on the side of their fulltime jobs. I have also chatted with Jason Powell and want to say thanks to these three guys just for their support and willingness to talk to me.
After returning from the convention, I decided it was time to get off my tail and get this thing going. I worked with Tony Kanago, a 16-year-old from Washington state to move a domain I had picked up a while back and get a site up and running. So Central Kentucky Computer and Networking is up and running. This will only be part time for now, but you never know where it will lead. I would like to see it go full time, but we will see what God has in mind.
I hope to start a blog within that site based on Church IT soon, but don’t hold your breath just yet. Give me time to get some work coming in.
So, spread the word. I could use the work. :)