Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day Light savings time

Are you ready for the change? I know we are making sure at work that we are prepared for the DST change this year. In case you have been hiding under a rock, the date for daylight savings changes this year. Instead of the first Saturday in April, the time will spring forward during the second Saturday in March, a full three weeks earlier and will end a week later in November.

Things from calendering and scheduling has the possibility of messing up to any time sensitive documents having the wrong time stamp attached to them.

I am beginning to wonder if the extra daylight is worth it.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Where did they go?

I read where Google Reader is going to start reporting all subscribers to feedburner and decided to do a quick check with Feedburner on my subscribers. My number on feedburner went from 15 to 6. It seems that all of my subscribers who use Bloglines have disappeared. Oh well. Maybe they will all come back later.


Monday, February 12, 2007

What a kick in the... well anyway

I keep my keys wallet and such in a basket in a drawer downstairs. For the last couple of days when I get my stuff there has been something in my way and I just keep moving and it keeps falling back down where it keeps me from closing the drawer all the way.

Last night, I was looking for the USB cable for our new digital camera. I hunted high and low for it and finally I found it. Yea, it was what was in my way. Arggh :)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I tried. Really I did

Ok. I was having an issue or two with Firefox. Nothing major, but enough for me to upgrade IE to 7 and give it a shot. After a week or so, I am back to Firefox. Just to many things I like about Firefox that I have gotten used to that I just couldn't switch. I know Firefox is gaining market share, but how much of it is people like it better or that after using Firefox for a while, you can't get switched back easily?

I about never got my favorites moved back over to IE from Firefox. Moving to Firefox is easy. Just let it import and you are all done. Going back to IE, not so easy. I wonder if Microsoft made it easier to switch back, how many would do so? Just a thought.

A lot of my issues with IE could be fixed with some plugins, but how much time do I really want to spend moving back to IE. None now. Maybe I will try again later, but for now, I will stick with Firefox.


Monday, February 05, 2007

Great testimony

Congratulations to the Colts on their Super Bowl victory over the Bears. It was great to hear Colts Coach Tony Dungy proclaim Christ as the reason for their team's victories this season during his interviews on national tv. Great testimony coach.