Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Holiday week

Ok. It’s been a busy month and it’s not even half way over. Gee wiz, I thought summer was a time to relax. It’s not really been bad, just the holiday was busy. Brian’s son Jake had his first birthday on the Sunday before his real birthday on July 4th. It was a good time. My parents and my aunt came up on Saturday and we cooked out at our house for dinner. The boys were wired after that and about never went to sleep. The party was over at my brother’s in-laws house and Jake didn’t disappoint with the cake. He dug in after picking at it for a bit and then smeared the cake all over his face. The bottom of his face was covered in blue icing. It was great.
Being a contractor, I had to take Monday off as well as Tuesday since the place I work at was closed on Monday. No pay, but a day off. Oh well. I got to sleep in that day so that helped. Nothing really to do but to get ready for fireworks on Tuesday.
Some of the guys in my men’s group put on their own fireworks show. They invite a lot of people from our groups and other groups over for a big cookout and just sit around and fellowship until the evening when the show begins. We were worried that the twins would freak out over the fireworks. Zach did a little bit but fell asleep shortly after they started. We took the twins inside close to the end and I came back out to watch the end. Misty came back out with Gabe and she told me later that he seen some of the fireworks go off and jumped up on the couch and said “sparkles” while pointing at the fireworks. So, Misty brought him back out to watch the rest of the show. On the way home, Gabe saw all kinds of fireworks out the van windows and all we heard on the way home was “sparkles” It was good to see him react good to the fireworks.
Also, I have a post on dadbloggers on Wednesday. I will post the link to it once it’s up on the site.