Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sometimes rest is just not worth it.

I think the twins passed off their sinus infection to me the other night and I didn't sleep worth anything. I left work early so I could go home and get some sleep and knock out this infection. After sleeping for two hours, I came back downstairs to eat some dinner. I was watching tv with the boys just waiting for them to go to bed so I could get back to sleep myself. Misty then took the twins upstairs to go to bed so I started flipping channels to see what was on the tv when Colby seen Animal Planet and wanted to watch it.

He just got into it and then climbed up into my lap sitting there watch tv with me. No matter how much I wanted to go to bed then, I wasn't about to. Colby is getting to that point where he doesn't want the affection as much from Misty and I so I took what I could get. It was well worth it and I still got plenty of rest last night.