Monday, December 18, 2006

Time to vent

Ok. I just have to vent some more. I went to a church's website and seen a sermon that I would like to listen to. My choices are to listen online, which is something I can't do at work or pay for a mp3 file. I guess I just don't understand why pay for the mp3 file. This church doesn't podcast which I don't understand either. The church can do it. Trust me. In fact, they offer a podcast tease. I can understand charing me if I get a cd or tape. You do have to pay for the media and materials.

I guess to me, this is almost like charging admission to get into church. I feel like with technology the way it is, podcasting is a way to reach the lost and shutins. You offer them a way to listen without making them come to you and force them to stay. Anyway, that's my vent for now.