Monday, January 22, 2007

Willow Podcast Part 2

Well early last year I posted about running across an xml file on Willow Creek's website for a podcast. Well a friend of mine told me he found their podcast on iTunes the other day. I search Willow Creek's website and found the link again and put it into Juice and got several files listed. I thought great. I loaded one into my mp3 player and listened to it on the way home from Barbourville on Sunday.

It was a message from Mike Breaux and it was a very good message. So good in fact that I wanted to listen to the rest of the series. I mean he mentioned in the sermon that it was the last in the series so it had to be a series. So, I looked at the rest of the files in the podcast and none of them seemed to connect to it. So, I started searching for the sermon on the website and finally ran across a newsletter that mentioned the series starting. Back in July. Man, that is just so not funny. So, I guess now I will have to debate on if I want to purchase the rest of the series or not. Bummer as I can't see how I can just download the mp3 version.