Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Anniversary weekend

Well, I wish I had taken my laptop with me, to some extent anyway, this weekend so I could have blogged about our anniversary weekend getaway to the Smokies. Ok, so I really didn't wish that, but I would like to have found someway to blog about it. Somebody want to give me a Treo? :)

We dropped the boys off at my parents house on Friday morning and took off for the weekend. Wednesday will be our 9th anniversary and it's been the greatest nine years of my life :) We had dinner at Calhoun's, a local place known for their ribs, and at the Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday in Gatlinburg. Of course a trip to the Smokies is not complete for me without a stop to the Log Cabin Pancake House in Pigeon Forge. They have probably the best breakfast in the world there. Anytime we go down there, we have breakfast there one morning no matter if the hotel provides it or not. We also visited Wonder Works, an amusement park for the mind as they put it. They have over 100 interactive exhibits for you that range from trying to strike out Barry Bonds to landing the Space Shuttle. I wanted to try to flight the fighter jet, but it was running Microsoft Flight Simulator and it had blue screened, but that's another post. Pictures to follow :)

It was fun just to have time with Misty. With three boys, our time together gets real limited sometimes and we work on making time for each other when we can be it just dinner out or getting away for a night or two. We feel it's an important part of our marriage and feel that it's also important for the boys. It makes us stronger as a couple which means it helps us being parents also. I will have pictures up later.