Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Busy week

It always comes in cycles for us. We will go a couple of weeks with not much going on and then a week or two where we wonder where the time went. The last couple of weeks have been crazy but have been good. Beside T-Ball and Church, I took Colby to another Lexington Legends game and then their Mother Day out program had a "Donuts with Dad" event for Father's Day. I know a bit early but the program is finished for this term today and the summer term is not as big so the teacher wanted to do it before this term ended.

I have also been working on redesigning my website with Joomla. It's a pretty impressive package and I am trying to find the right design for it. I need to learn more about CSS so I can really get it looking the way I want. I am just not happy with it currently and can't find the right template I want to use.

A buddy of mine and myself are going to try to find a couple of companies that want us to design a website for them and see what we can do with Joomly. Anyway, that's what's going on. Sorry for the lack of posting but been busy. More later.