Monday, July 09, 2007

It's someone else's grief now

When I first moved out of the dorms at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Ky and got my own place with my own phone number, the city was really starting to grow and I was surprised to hear that I would be one of the first in the city with the newest phone prefix. I won't go into detail on the prefix nor the number but let's just say that the last four numbers were familiar to a lot of people wanting other phone numbers.

I would get several hang ups on my answer machine when I was not at home and would get several "I'm sorry. I have the wrong number" when I was at home.

Well, I have since dropped land line phones and have moved so that number is no longer associated to me. After reading a column about a phone number, the writer talked about reverse phone numbers so I thought I would look up my old phone number and see if it has been reassigned and low and behold, it has. I thought about calling it and telling them I am sorry and I hope they are not getting to many wrong numbers. Oh well, not my problem anymore.