Thursday, September 08, 2005

An exceiting Ho Hum week.

FOOTBALL IS BACK. A sure sign that fall is around the corner is football is back. My Colonels took it on the chin in their opening game and we will have to improve if we want to beat our in-state rivals, Western Ky. Especially at quarterback. Now, I am watching the NFL get started. My Sunday’s are now complete again. I know Misty is thrilled (please read sarcasm).
It’s been an interesting week. I can’t comment on a lot of it, but I have been able to mess around with some operating systems of my past, just newer versions. I have installed Tiger on a couple of machines at work and may switch my primary work pc over to a Mac G4 for a week or so. I just have to find the right software to install.
I have played with Mac OSX from time to time since it came out so I figured it was time to dive in and learn a lot more about it.
I may get to see Mike Breaux speak Friday night. I will know more Friday afternoon. He was the Sr. Pastor here at Southland before we started attending and is now at Willow Creek. Southeast Christian in Louisville is having their men’s retreat this weekend here in Lexington and a Friday of mine is looking at helping me out for Friday. I will wait and see.
Anyway, that’s been my week so far. Nothing big. Yet…

p.s. just heard Tim McGraw’s new version of Like it, Love it for the NFL. Anybody know if it’s online somewhere for free and legal download?