Monday, January 30, 2006


Well, I’ve been tagged. Rod Pearcy tagged me with the four things questions so here are my answers. I sort of feel honored to be mentioned in the same post as Terry Storch.

1. Four Jobs I’ve Had- IT Deskside support, Sports Editor, Chief Photographer and Car Salesman
2. Four Movies I can watch over and over-Top Gun, Running Scared, Back to the Future (any of the three) and Star Wars (Any of the 6)
3. Four Places I have lived-Nicholasville, Ky., Richmond, Ky., Barbourville, Ky and Cincinnati, Ohio.
4. Four Shows I like to watch- West Wing, Las Vegas, NCIS and Amazing Race
5. Four Foods that I like-Steak, Pizza, Fajitas and very hot and spicy chili.
6. Four Websites I Visit,, Southland Christian and
7. Four things I want to do before I die- Take my kids to Disney World, Work for a church IT dept., Take Misty on a week long Cruise and go storm chasing. Although my wife thinks I am nuts for that last one.
8. Four People I'm tagging- Paul Podraza, Jim Walton, Jason Powell and fellow West Wing fan Brian Bailey. I would have tagged Kevin Young, but he would just complain on how he didn’t have time due to getting married this weekend. :)