Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Busy weekend

Well, I had a busy weekend. Just now getting to write it all down so I will break it up some.

Rachel Ray and Emeril have no fear from me.
Misty thought she had to work at church Saturday evening so after getting the boys something to eat I made my way back into the kitchen to find something for me. Misty hadn’t made it to the store so it was slim pickens for me. I looked through our recipe book and found a recipe for buffalo chicken I had printed a while back and thought I could fix that for my self with no problems. Yea right.
After mixing the spices up and defrosting the chicken, I was ready to go. I already had the skillet heated up so here I went. Put some oil on the chicken to help and set it in the bowl of the spices and then placed it in the skillet. Well, it made a good frying noise and the spices were really kicking. I followed the recipe to a tee, including how long to cook on each side. After the time was up I thought I better check it first. I cut into it and the chicken on the inside was no where done. In fact, it looked like it hadn’t gotten any heat at all.
Well, to make a long story short, I had the skillet on to high so I pretty much just seared it and it didn’t allow any heat in. So I had to cut it up some and cook it more. As for the spices, well I did follow the recipe to the tee. Yea for 4 pieces of chicken, not one. It was pretty kicking. After cooking longer, I put the pieces into the hot sauce mix and everything turned pretty much black. It was ok to eat, but no where what I wanted. Misty got a good laugh out of it when she got home.

Radio installed
After my chicken disaster and Misty got home, I went outside to look at my Ford Ranger to see how hard it would be to install a kit for my amateur radio. It allows me to mount the radio behind the seat and put the control unit on my dash and get more of the wires out of my way. One easy step after another and before I knew it, it was in. I hadn’t planned on installing the whole thing, but it kept going real quick so I just decided to finish it. I still have some wire management to do, for the most part, it’s done. Just glad it was that easy after my chicken mess.

Yard work
Well, I had reseeded some of my backyard and we have received plenty of rain over the last couple of weeks and my yard needed to be mowed in the worst way, so I took about two hours after church on Sunday and went to it. The back yard was still wet some underneath so I bet I started that mower about 10 times. Fun stuff.

Seems like I am forgetting something so I did, I will post later.