Friday, May 05, 2006

Slurpy noodles and dvds

It’s been a crazy week so posting has been on the back burner. Just a lot going on that hopefully I can post about later.

Well, I guess Colby knows how to fix spaghetti. Misty was at her small group last night when he came up to me and said he was really hungry and wanted slurpy noodles which is what he calls spaghetti. I was hoping to change his mind and told him that I couldn’t fix them as good as mom did. He then told me how to fix them.

  1. Make some water hot

  2. Put the slurpy noodles in the hot water

  3. When it beeps, they are done.

Now, how come I couldn’t figure that one out is beyond me. And he is really getting an attitude going now that he is well into being a three-year-old. He wanted to watch a dvd last night while waiting on his food so I put a Little Einstein video in for him. He told me which episode he wanted to watch and I pressed the wrong one. When it came on he said it was the right one and I went back to check on his dinner. Shortly after that I hear him smacking the couch so I went back in to see what was wrong and he says “Will you look at this?” pointing to the tv. “Can you see this?”  I told him he needed to tell me if it was the right one or wrong one and after a couple of more comments like the other ones, he finally told me it was the wrong one. So I found the right one and told him they all come on the same and you don’t know which one it is until it gets started. He said ok.

Don’t let anybody tell you it’s the terrible twos, it’s the terrible threes.