Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Extra key

Well, it’s time for an extra key to the house. I had just returned home from a church IT work night and was watching tv after eating a bowl of cereal when Colby comes back inside asking me to come outside and watch him play hopscotch. Well, good old me just comes outside and to keep the bugs out, closes the door. It didn’t dawn on me to check it first. Yea, it was locked. I didn’t lock it and Misty could tell by the look on my face something was wrong. I told her the door was locked and that I didn’t lock it. Colby speaks up, “I did.” The twins are sleeping upstairs and the three people that can unlock the door are locked out.

As par for the course with our luck, there is a locksmith that lives at the end of the cul-d-sac. We have never met them before but I have seen his truck as we are leaving for work about the same time in the mornings. So off I go to see if he can help us. Like I said, par for the course with our luck, he’s not home. His wife grabs some of his equipment and her cell phone to see if she can help. She tried several times to reach him on his phone but nothing but voice mail.

After several attempts, she gets it open. Good way to meet some of your neighbors. We couldn’t thank her enough. I see a trip to Walmart tomorrow to get an extra key made to have around. We also learned that without our cell phones, we have no way of reaching some people because we don’t have their number. One of the ladies that Misty works with, her husband is a locksmith. With our cell phones in the house, we would have had no way of reaching them. I guess I need to get those online somehow. I have a Plaxo account, so I guess I will be updating that online pretty soon.