Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Zoo trip

I have taken a couple of days off of work and we took the boys to the Cincinnati Zoo today. We got up early in the morning and headed north for the 2 hour drive and arrived at the zoo around 9, right when the opened. Getting there early, we were able to get a parking spot right at the main entrance. It’s been a long day by the way. We spent six hours in there seeing just about everything they had. We took Colby when he wasn’t even a year old so we didn’t remember going so he’s been real excited about going. We couldn’t decide at times what he wanted to see next. I will post more in detail along with pictures later as I forgot to pack the cable for the camera. After getting to our hotel room and resting we found some dinner and came back to go swimming. Now, Colby before the twins were born went swimming one time and about a year ago wouldn’t even go near a pool. This last year has been a real growing experience for him. He has done so much in the last couple of months that he wouldn’t even consider before. He rode on the train they have at the zoo and going swimming for example. Anyway, time to hit the hay as we have another big day planned for tomorrow at Totter’s Otterville.