Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Skype and your sound system

There was a thread last month at Churchmedia.net dealing with a church wanting to make a phone call and allow the church to hear the conversation. The user ended up using Skype to make the call. All he had to do was to patch the pc into the sound board. Many of us do that already. Just take the audio out of the pc and into the sound board, but with Skype you can also also take an aux out of the sound board and go into the mic jack on the pc. You will need to do some major adjusting to the gains and levels but that's no big issue.

With that and for churches doing Imag, will it be possible to find a way to run your video feed into Skype and use that instead of a webcam? For the received video, you can just drag the box over to your extended desktop and put that image up on your projector screens, but is there a way to feed video into the pc and Skype? Something to think about.

What other opportunities are there for Skype in the chruch world?