Thursday, April 26, 2007

Good bye UWR.

When I finally settled on a college to graduate from, and I jumped around a bit at first, I settled on Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. One of the requirements when I got there was the University Writing Requirement (UWR). Basically it was an essay you had to write on a certain subject to test your writing skill and supposedly, if you didn’t pass the test, you didn’t graduate.

Well over time, the university has determined that the requirement is not doing what it should be doing and has been eliminated. One thing about EKU is that it is known as a suitcase college. Students come into town on Sunday evening, go to their classes during the week and head home on Friday afternoon. Maybe during football season do the students hang around but other than that, the campus is almost a ghost town on the weekends. I was no exception so hanging around was not something I wanted to do. The test was always given on a Saturday morning so I had to stick around or at least come back to campus over a weekend.

When I looked at the date I had to take my test I noticed there was a Queensryche concert the night before so a friend of mine and I decided to go to the concert. We went and crashed in my dorm room that night and I got up the next morning and went and wrote this stinking essay. It was an easy essay but it took time out of my weekend. Not fun.

And now, they are eliminating it. I guess the university had good intentions when they started it, but I think they could have exempted some students. You know like English majors and journalism majors, which what I was. If you can’t write how can you pass those two anyway? But I guess my opinion didn’t matter anyway.

Good bye UWR. I can’t say that I will miss you.