Friday, January 25, 2008

Finances and taxes

Yuck. I'm tired already of taxes. Ok not really. I guess having a small income and three kids pays off sometimes ;) But really, it's time to start really getting our finances under control so hopefully this year I can get better organized and play a better role in our money. Misty pays the bills and handles pretty much everything but hopefully I can take that over this year.

A friend of mine is going to give me an old version of some finance software he has. He gets the newest version each year when he buys his tax software so that frees up the older version :) Hopefully I can jump in with that and take over our finances and mange it instead of it manging us.

I guess one good thing is that Dave Ramsey is coming to our church in March for two nights and I am going to be working production for at least one if not both nights. We have taking his Financial Peace University but it's always good to get a refresher and some additional motivation.

Anyway, here is hoping 2008 will be the year we beat the financial monster. :)