Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rough week

Well after a good week off for spring break, this week wasn't as good. Our van needs a tune up and we knew that while we were on break. We were headed back to Misty's hometown to see her best friend from high school who just had a baby and the van started missing. We pulled over to a auto parts store where someone came out and ran the diags on it which showed a cylinder misfiring. So back home since we didn't want to get out far from home with it.

Well the first couple of days I spend trying to figure out if I could change the spark plugs myself. After some research, I still don't know if I can or not but now that is not the main automobile problem I am having. I was taking Colby to tball practice on Wednesday and while stopping for some traffic and a stop light, we were rear ended. Long story short, the insurance company is coming to get my truck on Monday to see if it it totaled or not. So I may be car shopping in the future. Right now I have a rental which is a whole other story. I may go into it tomorrow. It will depend on what happens in the morning when I talk to the insurance company again.