Thursday, October 06, 2005

Colby's night out

Every so often, Misty and I try to take Colby, our oldest son, out without his brothers so he gets our undivided attention. We did this last night for pizza, books and ice cream. It’s always fun when we do this as Colby is always coming up with something interesting to say or do. At the pizza place last night somehow or other, he got pizza sauce on the back of his shirt. Don’t ask me how, he just did it. After one slice of pizza, he decided he wanted a brownie like him mom had. He told me he wanted five in fact. Ahh, I don’t think so. So, I took one big brownie and split it into five pieces.
After the pizza, we went to the book store where they have a pond in the back and some ducks and fish. I had some crackers and Colby loved throwing the crackers in for the ducks and fish. I think he wanted to feed the fish more than the ducks, but the ducks were getting before the fish most of the time.
Inside the bookstore, they have a Thomas the Train table set up so he could play trains while Misty and I looked at some books. He didn’t want to look at any books. Misty tried to get him to look at a couple, but he was more interested in the trains and the castle. I guess the best part was when he asked me to get in the floor and play with the castle. I didn’t really do anything but just sit with him, which is really what he wants. I move a figure around here and there so he could knock them off of the castle.
Then off for some ice cream. He will only eat vanilla ice cream. No “pink” or “brown” as he says it. It took him forever and Misty finally had to make him stop as he was just barely eating it to take longer.
We then took a chance and took him to a pet store. Colby will not get around any animal if it’s loose. No pet at all which can drive you crazy. Misty found a book last night about sensitive children and you would think the person wrote the book about Colby, but more on that later after I get a chance to look at it. He did great in the store. We explained to him that the animals were locked up and couldn’t get to him. He was a little tentative at times, but made it through. We stopped before leaving to look at some cats the local shelter had there and one little white one came up to the window to Colby and was just playing away with him through the window. He said as we were leaving that he wanted a kitten.  I think we will try one where he can touch it first.