Monday, October 17, 2005

Heaven just got a little bit bigger

I’ve been waiting on posting this to get more accurate numbers, but here it is. The weekend of Oct. 7th and 8th was decision weekend for us at Southland. Our Sr. Pastor Jon Weece opened up the baptistery to anyone who wanted to accept Christ as their savior and be baptized. Well, the final number for the weekend. 132 including over 50 at our college aged service on Sunday night which went over 2 hours. On weekends I don’t work a camera for technical services, I work our first two services on Sunday mornings as a greeter along the side hallway which leads to our baptistery. It was amazing to see people come back and walk down the hallway knowing they were really walking to Heaven. I seen people walking their friends back with their arms wrapped over their shoulders. It was great to see couples going through baptism together. To see families and friends embrace each other afterwards, you just know that God is at work. To see perfect strangers congratulate each other knowing they just had a family reunion was amazing.
You just couldn’t help but feel God at work as you just kept seeing people making those life decisions. One guy walked past me when I was at one of the back doors and out into the hallway. He came back in a minute later and asked me where do they go for the baptisms and I asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. I walked with him down the hallway and lead him to one of our decision counselors and she took him from there. For me to meet a perfect stranger and watch him become my brother in Christ was simply amazing. dj