Sunday, October 23, 2005

Three-year-old and Communion

Let me ask you a question and see what you think of this. How much does a three-year-old know about what Jesus did for us? With Misty working part time at church and me working as a greeter on the Sunday mornings I am now working technical services, we are at church for three services. For a three-year-old, that’s a long time. So, we have started bringing Colby into main service with us for the last service which is the service we attend on a regular basis.
The last two weeks, Colby has wanted to Take Communion. Really he wants to do what we are doing. At first I think he just wanted to eat with us. The first week, Misty allowed him to have a piece of the bread we use. Just the little wafer squares. Afterwards, Misty explained to him that we do that because Jesus is in our hearts and we do it to remember Him.
This weekend, I was not in service, but Misty told me later that he wanted to do it again and this time he wanted to do both. Bread and juice. Misty asked him why and he told her that because Jesus is in our hearts and we are remembering him.
How can you argue with that? She decided then to allow him. We talked and I pretty much said the same thing, how can you argue with that. We talked and decided that we don’t want to stop him. We don’t want to make it a bad experience. People around us in the next several weeks may think we are crazy, but we don’t want it to be something he gets mad at us about. Especially since he knows why we do it. At least part of it anyway.
Yea, I know he doesn’t fully understand that Jesus died for us on the cross and what He went through for our sins. But I have to think that he has a really good start and wants to be a part of it at such a young age.
I just hope we can continue to teach him exactly what it means.