Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Leaf collection

The preschool program Misty teaches at and the boys attend is out of our church and is really a Mother Day Out program. Colby’s class gets “homework” once a week and when they complete it, they get a small toy out of a “treasure box”. This week, he was assigned a science project where he had to collect pairs of leaves and one leaf just on it’s own. They are going to take the leaves and make an Old Maid game out of them. The purpose is to show the different styles, shapes and colors of the leaves. Now, we just have to figure out where to get the leaves. He had to have 10 pair.
Off to the Arboretum at the University of Kentucky. It’s a pretty cool place with the different trees and plants growing there. They have a huge walking track with all the different trees growing around it.
Where was places like this when I was in high school and doing leaf collections?
Colby had a blast. It was cool to see him with his bag picking up leaves and putting them in the bag. We kept a separate folder for his project and Misty is going to make him a leaf book of the ones he collected. He ran from tree to tree picking up leaves and looking at them.
I also showed him some of the different nuts which grow on trees and we seen some squirrels collecting them. He took a couple of Walnuts and threw them into a wooded area for the squirrels to get. Of course he didn’t want to leave, but the twins were getting restless. It was well past their bedtime so we had to get them home.
I hope Colby always loves learning like he does now. He was having so much fun just taking it all in. We are going to have to come back in the spring when we have more time. We are going to take him to Boyd’s Orchard this weekend for a pumpkin and some apples.